Sunday, November 27, 2011

ngswcook & me 長澤家の実力につうこんの一撃

How many of you know this YouTube user by the name of '' ngswcook '' ? Seriously his foods were amazing... Reeeeally.....It's ironic that he's not as popular as my channel lol This proves it's not always how you are well on cooking to be more popular on YouTube, it's how you make the video...  If I can always make foods like his, and I'm pretty sure that I can be a real YouTube celebrity in no time. That's why I do some stupid things in the video. Because that even helps. At the moment, sadly that's the only way for me to keep my popularity... 

btw it's 2 am here... Good night....zzzzzzz

YouTubeのngswcookというチャンネルを知ってる人はどれほどいるかな?彼の作る料理は感動すら覚えるほど。 マジです。皮肉な話、彼のチャンネルは僕のより登録者が少ないのです。YouTubeではどんなに料理の腕があっても、動画製作に於いての力の入れようで逆転してしまう。もし僕が彼のような料理の腕前があったなら、YouTubeですぐに名声を挙げれるだろう。それを補うために僕はビデオではバカでいる。悲しいかな、今のとこそれしか方法はない。


Sunday, November 13, 2011



Snoopy  スヌーピー

Today was 100 yen donuts day at Mister Donuts.  During the campaign, they give you Snoopy notbook for only 300 yen if you spend more than 700 yen.


So this means you get 7 kinds of 100 yen dunuts, then you can get Snoopy's note book only for 300 yen. I started wondering if it's really the best deal after I got them... 300 yen just for Snoiopy's notbook? Do I ever need Snoopy's item? lol  I just have week spot for whatever campaign being held ?


Aside from this, I just found Snoopy's coffee creamer in my Kitchen ...

I'm not snoopy's freak though...

                ( ´________`;)


Sunday, November 6, 2011

I am Taro 俺は太郎さ

                     金太郎 Kin-Taro

Kintarō often translated as "Golden Boy" is a folk hero from Japanese folklore.

                             桃太郎  Momo Taro

His name literally means Peach Tarō; as Tarō is a common Japanese boy's name, it is often translated as Peach Boy. Momotarō is also the title of various books, films, and other works that portray the tale of this hero.

                     ウルトラマンタロウ Ultraman Taro
Urutoraman Tarō is the title superhero of Japanese TV show.

Yes, I am legendary hero. My name is Taro.