Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Busankevin.... One of my YouTube fellow from J-vlog community. He used to have a lot of viewers on his channel. But it looks like he doesn't have it any more. Of course YouTube has been changing things, viewers are also changing. But Busankevin keeps his style which is ramdom vlog '' Walk & talk video ''  And he still uploads the video constantly and share it with people even though not many people come to watch his videos any more. If I have to say about him in a negative way, he just doesn't have any idea to improve his channel. But I would like to say that he just continues his idea running through because he likes what he does. I know it's only YouTube bthing. But I still think I want to respect him.

ps: He speaks too fast in every one of his video. I only understand

Busankevin、YouTube日本ブロガーの友人の一人。以前は彼のチャンネルには視聴者が多くいました。今では少なくなってきてしまったようですね。もちろんYouTubeの仕様、視聴者の欲も変わるもの。しかし視聴者が少なくなったのにも関わらず彼は ''Walk & Talk video'' (街を歩きながら喋るブログ) の彼のスタイルを一切変えず、しかも今もコンスタントに更新してるんだよね。悪く言えば、何の向上心もないからなのか。でも僕はこう言いたい。彼はやりたい事を単に貫いてるだけ。YouTubeだろうが何だろうが尊敬するわこういう男。

ps: っていうかBusankevinのビデオは早口過ぎて何言ってんかよーわからん。