Saturday, January 21, 2012

bobbyjudo makes me sad

The way he explains things in Japanese ....
Not many foreigners who can speak good Japanese can't even reach this far. So natural. These kinds of videos sometimes make me regret that I didn't really try to learn to speak English when I was in US. It's so easy to be lazy when you don't take this phrase seriously

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

日本語が上手な外国人でも、ここまでできる人はそう多くない。この手のビデオを見ると、アメリカにいた時、何故もっと努力しなかったのかって後悔の念に駆られたりする。 「今日できることを明日にに延ばすな」 という言葉を本気で考えずに怠けるのって本当に簡単なことだ。

I will have a new channel called lazylazy999.!