Thursday, July 22, 2010

Youtube partner support? (Now it's been fixed lol)

These URL bellow in the branding box doesn't link to their channel from my channel any more...So I've been asking youtube partner support several times. But I haven't got any response yet. It's been 3 weeks by now. It those URL doesnt lead you to their channel, who wants to check? How often do people copy and paste those URL to check out? I wouldn't do it because it's pain in the neck. So if you find the channel that you are interested in, you can click on it here from my blog. Those channels are really good channel. I really want people to check those out!


Finally it's fixed now. やっと直ったようです。

Rodger Swan, who will be missed. 1986-2010 R.I.P
If you want to meet a good English teacher(英会話を始めたい人)絶対お勧めのチャンネル。初級~でも学べる)これはオススメ)中級~上級者向け)

If you like musicマツキヨなど日本のCMにもギター片手に出演)  (Rock / Pop Punk)  (Superguitarist from Thai)  (A young girl singer)

If you haven't subscribed this channel yet (He can pretend a stupid character, play piano, guitar)  (Japanese collabo channel) (Daichen's buddy)

If you want to GET SOME (Puzzles,Tricks, Challenges, Outdoor adventure)

If you like ericsurf6's channel These guys are AWESOME) (His body is natural armor.)

If you want to meet a director in Japan a guy who knows about boobs in Japan LOL)

Do you know this guy by the name of betamaxdc?

He may be taken on as a disciple of Kitano Takeshi someday??

If you want some walking & talking vids(A Whole Lot of Kevin)

If you want to learn Japanese You gotta be moron) You don't have to be moron)

If you want to meet Mr. perfect J-vloger Pioneer who built J-vlogger community)

If you want to meet super freelancer He is going to take a trip around the world soon) (Half American half Japanese beer blog)

If you want to work in Japan (JET program)

If you want to help him find parents  (Hello it's me. Ken Tanaka)

If you want to meet cool Japanese guy in Bronx(Just don't be scared lol)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kick ass breakfast? ケツ蹴り朝食

Kick ass breakfast! I didn't know what it's actually meant to be. Seems like Westerner call it as something like lots of energy, lots of healthy food that will give a good start to the day. So I think I did OK on this order. Gyudon surely give you a good power to start a day. If you don't like this way, go eat banana.