Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kick ass breakfast? ケツ蹴り朝食

Kick ass breakfast! I didn't know what it's actually meant to be. Seems like Westerner call it as something like lots of energy, lots of healthy food that will give a good start to the day. So I think I did OK on this order. Gyudon surely give you a good power to start a day. If you don't like this way, go eat banana.



  1. If you say "go eat banana" to some guys in HK, I think they'll punch you! XDD

  2. "Kick Ass" is more like "saiko". It comes from the slang term meaning to beat.

    ie: Taro, you want to fight me? I'll kick your ass!

    means: If you want to fight me, I will beat you.

    So 'kick ass' breakfast means that this breakfast is better than other breakfast. Take care, Taro!

  3. Taro-san,

    Greetings from Italy!
    I always enjoy watching your videos, it's cool to see that I'm not the only one passionate about cooking :P Keep up the good stuff!
    Otsukaresamadeshita :)
    Thanks to your videos I was able to prepare something japanese, although it's difficult to get everything needed in the recipes here.

    If you'll ever be interested in anything that has to do with italian stuff just drop me a line ^_^ I'll be around anyways, I subscribed to your channel on youtube ;)

    Take care!
    A presto!

  4. Yes, I think you've mastered the perfect use of "kick ass." This does, indeed, look like a kick ass (westerner approved) breakfast :D