Wednesday, June 23, 2010

''Chotto ちょっと'' Irregular way of making a negative reply

Chotto / Sukoshi  means ''a little'' as you might know.

Useful Japanese phrase ''Chotto ちょっと'' for making a negative reply. Just by saying ''Chotto...'' when you have to make a negative reply. ''Chotto'' in this case, is a unique Japanese expression which is irregular way. And it doesn't mean ''a little''. Therefore you can't just say ''sukoshi...'' for making a negative reply. It doesn't make sence. This is advanced Japanese lesson :)  

- Example -
When I ask you to come to the party or something, you might don't really feel like to go but you don't feel comfotable to make a negative reply to me. Then you may say ''Chotto...''

Saying ''chotto'' like this makes the situation ease up a little. It depends on what kind of situation you are in but it's very useful phrase to use sometimes. This is just a unique Japanese expression. If you can use it like us, you are fluent Japanese speaker.

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  1. I think a similarly-nuanced expression in English (American at least) is
    "umm..hang on a minute." It is then followed by an explaination about why you can't make a positive reply to a request from someone else.