Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh it's called Marinade! マリネードって言うんだ!

I just found what I was wanting to know how it's called. It was ''marinade''. In Japan, we usually say ''たれ''(tare). Many of my cooking videos, I make たれ, but I didn't know how it's called in English. So I always called it ''sauce'' as you can see if you've watched one of my videos. I knew it's OK for everyone to understand what I mean when I say ''sauce'' for たれ(Actually it's marinade). But I always was wondering what I actually should call something like that. Other than this, I have lots of things that I should learn about English vocabulary for cooking. Step by step, I will learn it :)


Ramen at home お家でラーメン

This ramen recipe is really easy for evereyone. Trust me, it tastes great even though it's so much faster. I recomend you to use Chinese style chicken stock. I'm not sure how the tastes turns out from American chicken stock. I think it'll be OK.

In Japan, Most people who loves to drink have a routine that they go to ramen shop after drinking. They say that eating ramen after drinking sober them up and even taste better. I don't drink alcohol so I don't know if it's true. It's like superstition. What do you think? May be you Westerner can try my recipe after some drink?

このラーメンレシピは誰でも簡単にできます。早く作れてかつ味もいけます。 できれば中華鶏がらスープの素がいいですが、アメリカのチキンスープの素でも大丈夫かと思います。


Friday, April 23, 2010

Chicken char sui (Chinese style BBQ chicken) 鶏チャーシュー

I made chicken char sui video. It's so easy and tasty. Anyone who read or will watch my video, definitely should try! So watch my new video coming soon :)


Monday, April 19, 2010

My car security's radio control was crushed by car!  リモコンがぁぁ・・・

OMG how can I open my car door now? My car will be flashing lights and siren blaring unless I deactivate the security. It would be so embarrased...The worse thing is that I can't find the spare radio control which I bought several years ago for this kind of worst. It just became all but meaningless...


太った! I gained 4kg!

I started to feel tight-fit my underwear recently. So I checked my weight on the scale, then I found I gained 4 kg(9 pound). Come to think of it, I've been practicing make fried rice for the next video on my channel and I ate them all even though the food turned out fail. I see that's the reason why.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

I will start blog! ブログやってみる!


This is just test. I'm new here so I haven't got used to this yet.
I'm not really good at blogging thing but I just try.