Friday, September 24, 2010

For god's sake

So I made pizza toast again. I still love pizza...When I was younger, I thought I liked those stuff just because I was young. But even now, I still think about pizza almost everyday. I never thought this could happen. May be I am the real junk food lover. For god's sake, when am I going to be a healthy food eater...I know I'm not that young any more lol 
BTW, am I using the word ''For God's Sake'' propery in this blog? .

またピザトーストを作っった。いまだにピザが好き。若い頃はただ若いが故にジャンクフードを好んでいるんだと思ってた。でも今でも毎日のようにピザの事考えてる。まさかここまでとは。もしかして本物のジャンクフードラバーってやつなのかも。いったい(Ittai) (For god's sake) いつになったら健康的な食べ物を好みだすやら。。。もうそんなに若くないはずなのにね(笑)。
ところで ''For god's sake''(いったい ittai) という言葉の使い方合ってるかな?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weakness of human? 人間の弱さ

Do you agree with what he's done to people?  It's very touching and even powerful movie. I liked the beautiful ending very much as HOLLYWOOD MOVIE but I think there are a lot of people who doesn't understand what he's done. I never thought this movie was gonna be one of thought-provoking movie. I think this movie shows both strength and weakness of human. Or may be this movie is just talking about how to becaome an organ donor... XD


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mac strap マックストラップ

I got 5 different kinds of Mac straps from Macdonalds. I can get these straps from ordering LL size combo. The problem was it's ramdom...So I had to ask the workers if I could get different straps because I don't want the same one...And yeah! They gave me different kinds everytime I ordered LL size combo :)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dried cuttlefish snack するめ

I need to train the muscles that control the jaw's ability to clench the teeth. You knopw why? Because I still love American junk foods LOL American junk foods such as hamburger, pizza...etc is really soft to bite. So my chin is getting weaker if I just keep eating all those stuff. This dried cuttlefish is good for me then. I have to bite and bite and bite...and swallow it...This process makes my chin? jaw? stronger(May be). It smells and tastes like fish. I don't think this is your kind. Very Japanese kind.