Wednesday, June 23, 2010

''Chotto ちょっと'' Irregular way of making a negative reply

Chotto / Sukoshi  means ''a little'' as you might know.

Useful Japanese phrase ''Chotto ちょっと'' for making a negative reply. Just by saying ''Chotto...'' when you have to make a negative reply. ''Chotto'' in this case, is a unique Japanese expression which is irregular way. And it doesn't mean ''a little''. Therefore you can't just say ''sukoshi...'' for making a negative reply. It doesn't make sence. This is advanced Japanese lesson :)  

- Example -
When I ask you to come to the party or something, you might don't really feel like to go but you don't feel comfotable to make a negative reply to me. Then you may say ''Chotto...''

Saying ''chotto'' like this makes the situation ease up a little. It depends on what kind of situation you are in but it's very useful phrase to use sometimes. This is just a unique Japanese expression. If you can use it like us, you are fluent Japanese speaker.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I need to be modest... 謙遜します。

In this video, I was talking about my Japanese hater a little. Because this omurice fail video just reminded me of my hater's message. Actually I don't care about my hater at all.  Not even discouraged. But people who left comment in this video are so nice. It seems like they really care about me and try to encourage me. I just want to say ''THANK YOU EVERYONE!''. What I want to say in this blog is I feel like being modest about this. That's how I feel now because I may have talked about my hater just because I was looking for  compliments...But That's what I don't like to do. You know what I mean? Life is