Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweets every day.... 毎日スイーツ

 I get sweets on break time at work almost every day.  Most of time, our boss gets us some sweets from sweets shop or convenience store. It's good time but I think I've been having too much sweets recently. Besides this, I often take chocolate while I'm working because it's easy to get tired. Glucose take away my tired. But it's just too much sometime. Like today, my co- worker brought some her original cheese cake And also our boss brought some sweets as always. So we had two different sweets for break time. That was definitely too much even for me.  I am gaining. I'm dying to go runnying again.



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy holiday everyone!

About Christmas cake, the most popular one in Japan is decorative strawberry shortcake.  Yes we can  get strawberry at grocery store even on winter season. Many people from America left comment that said their Christmas cake was fruit cake. And apparently it's not good....? Really? It sounds just good to me though.... I'm not sure if I have ever seen the fruit cake before.

How do you get excited when X'mas coming? I'm almost 40 mid age man but I still like the mood...;;;;; lol  I know we Japanese are buddist but we still celebrate Western holiday.... but in many various ways (Young people)...LOL I think we just like to soak up the atmosphere of Christmas mood even though some of us don't even know.Dec 25th is the birthday of Jesus Christ.  The country of Japan, it's even funny to me.