Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy holiday everyone!

About Christmas cake, the most popular one in Japan is decorative strawberry shortcake.  Yes we can  get strawberry at grocery store even on winter season. Many people from America left comment that said their Christmas cake was fruit cake. And apparently it's not good....? Really? It sounds just good to me though.... I'm not sure if I have ever seen the fruit cake before.

How do you get excited when X'mas coming? I'm almost 40 mid age man but I still like the mood...;;;;; lol  I know we Japanese are buddist but we still celebrate Western holiday.... but in many various ways (Young people)...LOL I think we just like to soak up the atmosphere of Christmas mood even though some of us don't even know.Dec 25th is the birthday of Jesus Christ.  The country of Japan, it's even funny to me.




  1. Oh my goodness, these cakes are so cute! I'm from Australia, and our Christmas desserts famously revolve around puddings or fruit cakes :D

  2. I participate in secular Christmas, I do not celebrate it for religious reasons. Also, if you are interested you should read about the history of Christmas. It actually does not have to do with the birth of Christ, Christmas actually originates from a pagan holiday that was celebrated during Winter Solstice. :)

    The more you know...

    Also I think your cake came out really nice. I will probably make one too.

  3. i don't celebrate christmas but that cake looked really yummy. i'm gonna try it out soon.

    Merry X'mas, Taro!

    - Deane

  4. メリークリスマス, Taroさん!
    My family doesn't celebrate much either, so sad. So I bought myself a little christmas tree, santa hat and made two fruit swiss roll cakes!
    なんだか今年は著と燃えてるよね (笑)
    やっぱりクリスマスは気分に入ってないなら、変だよね〜 いつもワクワクする ははは

  5. Happy Holidays! Seems that many Japanese eat cake during Christmas! And you are almost 40???? You look like in your 20s! How do you do it??

  6. it is important to know that Jesus Christ came to die and live again for us. He can be your Lord and Saviour too. Everyone needs him :)

  7. Wait wait ...runny is close to 40? You look like 25 at most!!! Is this true runny?

  8. We do have fruit cake for Christmas, along with other sweets, but it's normally made fun of lol. The one from Collin Street Bakery is really really good though! It's called the Deluxe Fruit Cake. I'm pretty sure they can ship them to Japan if you wanted to try one.

  9. In the US, everyone thinks that fruit cake is hard, brown, dry, and filled with artificially dyed fruits. (Usually the fruits are dyed blue, green, and red.) And fruit cake that you buy at the store is usually like that. It is a common American Christmas joke to say that family members that you don't like will probably give you a fruit cake for a gift.

    Some people make good, soft fruit cake at home with dried fruit: raisins, dates, and cherries. Then it is soaked with brandy and stored in the refrigerator. Then it is shared with friends and family.

    Most Americans prefer "Christmas cookies", which are very sweet, usually frosted, and very decorated. Many Americans make dozens of Christmas cookies at one time. Then they trade small plates of cookies with their neighbors and co-workers, so that everyone has a variety of cookies.

    Americans also like chocolate fudge (a soft chocolate candy), peppermint candy canes, and egg nogg for Christmastime.