Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bring to the boy

When I say '' bring to the boy'' in my cooking video, it means '' bring to the boil'' LOL

Quite a few people leave comment about this xD

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Join my Giveaway contest...

Join my contest! Photo movie would be fine as long as it's foods from my recipes.
You can choose any recipe from here.

To all winners, if you are not interested in those prizes in the video, you can just tell me what you want from Japan.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

X'mas cake 

I was gonna upload this video next week but cookingwithdog has just uploaded the same Xmas cake video. That's one thing I've been worrying about. My version of  X'mas cake video is just like cookingwithdog's one even thouh mine doesn't look as good as cookingwithdog's(The video has already been recorded). That's just bad timing. So I hope you all understand the situation as I attach the photo of my X'mas cake on this blog :)

So people who will give me request, try not to order the same one as them. There are too many requests which cookingwithdog has already made before...May be I should think about something different way to entertain my videos next year. If any of you have a good idea, let me know!



Saturday, December 11, 2010

Outclassing ケタ違いの本物

When I’m youtubing some real famous youtuber, I always see a whole different scale quality. Far outshine all other hollywood stars...


Friday, December 10, 2010

Light & simple taste さっぱり味

: Some Shimeji mushroom
: Some Maitake mushroom
: Basil
: 2 garlic clove
: 1/4 cup Sake or White wine
: A little bit of soy sauce or mentsuyu
: Olive oil

Sometimes I get feeling like having foods which is light & simple taste. Not heavy like pizza. I had left-over Japanese mushrooms in my fridge. I was gonna just make yosenabe but I just decided to make Japanized pasta tonight. It was good.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Emotional attachment ?

I was gonna just buy pre-maid frozen pie crust but may be some people will complain about So I made it from scratch. Now all I have to do is shoot the video of  how to make it. Hopefully this week. And I still have more requests to help. Sometimes I really feel I need bigger kitchen so I can cook easier and faster. But on the other hand, for some reason, I don't know why I enjoy cooking in this small kitchen now. May be it's just some kind of emotional attachment to this small kitchen? Because I've been cooking in this small kitchen for 4 years? Who knows...


Saturday, November 13, 2010

A request from Billy Yuya

This Japanese guy made the intro for my next? video. As you know, all request intro from viewers for my cooking videos take only 10 to 15 seconds at the begining.  But Billy made it too long LOL What can I do with this? Well actually this is not what I want say here, I just want to introduce you to teamusicchannel. He's kinda comedy guy and making lots of vids. I want you guys to check him out!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Curry udon カレーうどん

One dish from left-over ingredients in my fridge. I actually wanted to make it more like curry soup udon but the curry soup came out a little too thick as you can see. And it needs more dashi stock flavor.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

ボビーの料理教室で英語を学ぶ Bobbyjudo's kitchen

 What bothers me when editing a video is my ''ENGLISH'' speaking skill besides cooking skill. Everytime I edit a cooking video, I tend to have something which I can't figure out how I should say in English. In that respect, cookingwithdog is doing really good job besides cooking. May be that's the another  reason that I can never catch up them. Come to think of it, bobbyjudo is doing the same thing in Japanese. He usually speaks in Japanese in his cooking videos with English translation. Why didn't I notice this fact by now? I should have noticed this earlier. I surely can learn many English lines from his videos. So I've started watching all his videos again and I take a note when I find some sentences which I think it's useful for my future video. So It could be bobbyjudo's line whenever you see me explaining in a good English sentences in my future video :)

Thanks to Jeff for sharing wonderful recipies and adding English annotations!

ビデオ編集してると料理の技術以外に自分の英会話スキルで悩まされる。どのように英語で表現したらいいのかわからなくなる事が多々ある。そういった点で、cookingwithdogは料理以外でもさすが。これもまたcookingwithdogに全然追いつけない要因かも。そういえばbobbyjudo(ジェフ)は日本語で同じような事してたっけ。彼の料理ビデオではたいてい英語注釈付きで日本語で説明してる。なんで今まで気づかなかったのか。もっと早い時期に気づくべきだった。彼のビデオから(料理だけじゃなく)色んな英語の使い方を学べるはず。そんなわけで最近はボビーの料理教室を見直しながら気になった英語注釈があればメモするようにしてる。きっと役に立つ日も来るでしょう。この先自分の料理ビデオで、【らしい英語】で説明してる時があったらボビーの料理教室で学んだ「英語」かもしれません ^^


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fake moon cake 月餅?

Moon cake in Japan? It looks just like the one which I got from fmy friend in Hong Kong. And it's also press embossing and says ''月餅'' (moon cake)  on surface. I remember the moon cake that I enjoyed in the earlier video has something salted egg york inside but...

                       ↓   ↓


Friday, September 24, 2010

For god's sake

So I made pizza toast again. I still love pizza...When I was younger, I thought I liked those stuff just because I was young. But even now, I still think about pizza almost everyday. I never thought this could happen. May be I am the real junk food lover. For god's sake, when am I going to be a healthy food eater...I know I'm not that young any more lol 
BTW, am I using the word ''For God's Sake'' propery in this blog? .

またピザトーストを作っった。いまだにピザが好き。若い頃はただ若いが故にジャンクフードを好んでいるんだと思ってた。でも今でも毎日のようにピザの事考えてる。まさかここまでとは。もしかして本物のジャンクフードラバーってやつなのかも。いったい(Ittai) (For god's sake) いつになったら健康的な食べ物を好みだすやら。。。もうそんなに若くないはずなのにね(笑)。
ところで ''For god's sake''(いったい ittai) という言葉の使い方合ってるかな?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weakness of human? 人間の弱さ

Do you agree with what he's done to people?  It's very touching and even powerful movie. I liked the beautiful ending very much as HOLLYWOOD MOVIE but I think there are a lot of people who doesn't understand what he's done. I never thought this movie was gonna be one of thought-provoking movie. I think this movie shows both strength and weakness of human. Or may be this movie is just talking about how to becaome an organ donor... XD


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mac strap マックストラップ

I got 5 different kinds of Mac straps from Macdonalds. I can get these straps from ordering LL size combo. The problem was it's ramdom...So I had to ask the workers if I could get different straps because I don't want the same one...And yeah! They gave me different kinds everytime I ordered LL size combo :)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dried cuttlefish snack するめ

I need to train the muscles that control the jaw's ability to clench the teeth. You knopw why? Because I still love American junk foods LOL American junk foods such as hamburger, pizza...etc is really soft to bite. So my chin is getting weaker if I just keep eating all those stuff. This dried cuttlefish is good for me then. I have to bite and bite and bite...and swallow it...This process makes my chin? jaw? stronger(May be). It smells and tastes like fish. I don't think this is your kind. Very Japanese kind.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


How did this spannar got in there...?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This hurts worse than how it looks... まじで痛いです

I bought new knife and the knife was really sharpen...I tried to make myself look good too much in the next video coming...I'm not gonna show this part in the next video but here it is...
I chopped my nail... This still hurts!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Youtube partner support? (Now it's been fixed lol)

These URL bellow in the branding box doesn't link to their channel from my channel any more...So I've been asking youtube partner support several times. But I haven't got any response yet. It's been 3 weeks by now. It those URL doesnt lead you to their channel, who wants to check? How often do people copy and paste those URL to check out? I wouldn't do it because it's pain in the neck. So if you find the channel that you are interested in, you can click on it here from my blog. Those channels are really good channel. I really want people to check those out!


Finally it's fixed now. やっと直ったようです。

Rodger Swan, who will be missed. 1986-2010 R.I.P
If you want to meet a good English teacher(英会話を始めたい人)絶対お勧めのチャンネル。初級~でも学べる)これはオススメ)中級~上級者向け)

If you like musicマツキヨなど日本のCMにもギター片手に出演)  (Rock / Pop Punk)  (Superguitarist from Thai)  (A young girl singer)

If you haven't subscribed this channel yet (He can pretend a stupid character, play piano, guitar)  (Japanese collabo channel) (Daichen's buddy)

If you want to GET SOME (Puzzles,Tricks, Challenges, Outdoor adventure)

If you like ericsurf6's channel These guys are AWESOME) (His body is natural armor.)

If you want to meet a director in Japan a guy who knows about boobs in Japan LOL)

Do you know this guy by the name of betamaxdc?

He may be taken on as a disciple of Kitano Takeshi someday??

If you want some walking & talking vids(A Whole Lot of Kevin)

If you want to learn Japanese You gotta be moron) You don't have to be moron)

If you want to meet Mr. perfect J-vloger Pioneer who built J-vlogger community)

If you want to meet super freelancer He is going to take a trip around the world soon) (Half American half Japanese beer blog)

If you want to work in Japan (JET program)

If you want to help him find parents  (Hello it's me. Ken Tanaka)

If you want to meet cool Japanese guy in Bronx(Just don't be scared lol)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kick ass breakfast? ケツ蹴り朝食

Kick ass breakfast! I didn't know what it's actually meant to be. Seems like Westerner call it as something like lots of energy, lots of healthy food that will give a good start to the day. So I think I did OK on this order. Gyudon surely give you a good power to start a day. If you don't like this way, go eat banana.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

''Chotto ちょっと'' Irregular way of making a negative reply

Chotto / Sukoshi  means ''a little'' as you might know.

Useful Japanese phrase ''Chotto ちょっと'' for making a negative reply. Just by saying ''Chotto...'' when you have to make a negative reply. ''Chotto'' in this case, is a unique Japanese expression which is irregular way. And it doesn't mean ''a little''. Therefore you can't just say ''sukoshi...'' for making a negative reply. It doesn't make sence. This is advanced Japanese lesson :)  

- Example -
When I ask you to come to the party or something, you might don't really feel like to go but you don't feel comfotable to make a negative reply to me. Then you may say ''Chotto...''

Saying ''chotto'' like this makes the situation ease up a little. It depends on what kind of situation you are in but it's very useful phrase to use sometimes. This is just a unique Japanese expression. If you can use it like us, you are fluent Japanese speaker.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I need to be modest... 謙遜します。

In this video, I was talking about my Japanese hater a little. Because this omurice fail video just reminded me of my hater's message. Actually I don't care about my hater at all.  Not even discouraged. But people who left comment in this video are so nice. It seems like they really care about me and try to encourage me. I just want to say ''THANK YOU EVERYONE!''. What I want to say in this blog is I feel like being modest about this. That's how I feel now because I may have talked about my hater just because I was looking for  compliments...But That's what I don't like to do. You know what I mean? Life is


Thursday, May 27, 2010

People care more about ''el(r)ection'' than cooking lol

So JustMiyabi came to RUNNY's and ordered traditional Chinese food ''Zha jiang mian''. We call it ''Jaa Jaa men''. It's very popular dish even in Japan. Especialy cold one on summer time.

About video, it's very interesting to find that people tend to care more about how I pronounce ''election'' than actual cooking. Japanese people like me are having trouble with pronouncing ''R'' sound as you know. In the video, many people who left comment said ''erection?''. I actually didn't know what erection means...Now I know what it means! lol I see...Now I know why people tell me that. It IS funny!


ビデオですが、面白いことにコメントしてくれた多くの人たちが料理そのものより自分が発音した''election''というのに飛びついてきました。日本人は英語のRの発音に苦労しますよね。コメントの中でも多くの人が ''erection?'' (LがRになると意味が全然違う)と言ってました。''erection''の意味が実際に知らなかったんだけど、知ったら知ったでなるほどなと・・・これは確かに面白い!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Humor ユーモア

Hmmm...Trying to make people laugh with humor is still not that easy for me. That makes people more  confused than the humor just like I do on my bulletin board. I need more twists! If those people who reads my bulletin board were Japanese, it'd be easier to be understood as a joke. This is one thing I think it's interesting to see the difference of sense of humor between us. Like hollywood movie, there are so many dialog which has humor going on for sure. Sometimes I get it, but sometimes I don't get it. I wonder if any Westerners have the same trouble with the difference as I do.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Careless remark again また軽率な発言

MickeRamone came to RUNNY's and ordered some hamburg steak. I love his intro. He makes videos which he sings his original song and some cover song. Please check out this guy!

About video, I have got a problem again. It seems like there's something I should have not mentioned in the video. ''It's so gay'' I used the phrase because the part I was doing catch ball with Jack was くだらないKudaranai (Pointless). I just found that the phrase could be very offensive to some people. I really didn't think it was such a offensive. That was careless of me. I hope I didn't hurt anyone...

MickeRamone がラニーズでハンバーグステーキを注文してくれた。あのイントロ最高。彼はオリジナルの歌やカバーソングのビデオを作ってるから是非チェック!

ビデオについてだけど、またやっちゃったって感じ。言ってはいけないことを言ってしまったようです。''It's so gay'' この言葉を使ったのは動画内でジャックとキャッチボールをしているシーンがくだらなかったから。それが特定の人々を中傷する言葉になりうるというのを知りました。まさかそんなこととは。軽率でした。誰も傷付けてなきゃいいけど・・・。

Friday, May 14, 2010

How to use left-over vegetables in the fridge 冷蔵庫の残り物で野菜炒め

Rootberry ordered healthy vegetable plate at RUNNY's. This dish is something that you can actually see at ramen shop in Japan. They usually have this kind of menu besides ramen noodle as well. Making it this way, you'll be able to taste as nice as you get at ramen shop. So if you have any left over vegetables in your fridge, you might want to try this.

Rootberryがラニーズへ来て野菜料理を注文してくれた。日本のラーメン屋で実際に目にすることができる 料理。 ラーメン屋ではラーメン以外のメニューによくある。同じように作ればラーメン屋で味わえるような味になるよ。もし冷蔵庫に野菜の残りがあったらこれはいいかもしれない。

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cooking utensil from USA

My old friend in TX sent me this wonderful utensil. I was wanting American cooking equipment. These looks so cool :) I will have to use them more in my cooking video.


Monday, May 10, 2010

That's what she said?

What the heck ''that's what she said'' mean? I have never used this phrase before. But I hear people say that sometimes. I don't get it...

That's what she saidっていったいどういう意味?今まで一度も使ったためしがない。でもたまに耳にするフレーズ。意味わからん。

Egg drop soup 卵スープ

Youtube user ''BP5M'' ordered egg drop soup. It was quite easy enough. But shooting and editing was as hard as usual. My PC freezed up again while editing...It happens all the time. It's not old PC though...But anyway, the egg drop soup was good. I may want to try to make the soup taste like more professional next time (May be not).


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chocolate candy from Austria

Again, I recieved candy from EU! One of my subscriber sent me this wonderful candy :) Sooner I got this, I ate it all right away lol It was soooo yummy :) And she told me to make some yakisoba recipe so I will be making yakisoba video in the future. I've got to do that! Thanks Nadia san!

またヨーロッパからチョコが届いたよ。チャンネル登録者の一人がこの感動的なチョコを送ってくれました。受け取ってすぐに食べちゃったよ。めっちゃ美味かった。その彼女は焼きそばレシピを作って欲しいと言ってたので焼きそばのビデオを今度作ろうと思います。そりゃやらないとね! ナディアさんありがとう!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can Ramen ラーメン缶

Can Ramen. What a convinient! You don't have to cook or go to ramen shop anymore. It was only 49yen which is about 50cents! ...But I can't guarantee you'll like the taste....


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Because I smelled curry rice when I was on my way home... 帰り道にカレーの香りがしたから

Curry rice is one of very popular dish in Japan. Originally curry is from India (I think). So it's a little different style here in Japan. Curry rice in Japan is kinda Japanized curry rice. I love both but I'd rather order Indian curry if I have to choose. When I was in Tokyo, I had a great place to eat Indian curry in Okachimachi city. All cheff were from India. I used to go there at least twice a week. So if you ever have a chance to go to Okachimachi city in Tokyo(Ueno), I highly recommend you to visit there and try some spinach curry plate.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh it's called Marinade! マリネードって言うんだ!

I just found what I was wanting to know how it's called. It was ''marinade''. In Japan, we usually say ''たれ''(tare). Many of my cooking videos, I make たれ, but I didn't know how it's called in English. So I always called it ''sauce'' as you can see if you've watched one of my videos. I knew it's OK for everyone to understand what I mean when I say ''sauce'' for たれ(Actually it's marinade). But I always was wondering what I actually should call something like that. Other than this, I have lots of things that I should learn about English vocabulary for cooking. Step by step, I will learn it :)


Ramen at home お家でラーメン

This ramen recipe is really easy for evereyone. Trust me, it tastes great even though it's so much faster. I recomend you to use Chinese style chicken stock. I'm not sure how the tastes turns out from American chicken stock. I think it'll be OK.

In Japan, Most people who loves to drink have a routine that they go to ramen shop after drinking. They say that eating ramen after drinking sober them up and even taste better. I don't drink alcohol so I don't know if it's true. It's like superstition. What do you think? May be you Westerner can try my recipe after some drink?

このラーメンレシピは誰でも簡単にできます。早く作れてかつ味もいけます。 できれば中華鶏がらスープの素がいいですが、アメリカのチキンスープの素でも大丈夫かと思います。


Friday, April 23, 2010

Chicken char sui (Chinese style BBQ chicken) 鶏チャーシュー

I made chicken char sui video. It's so easy and tasty. Anyone who read or will watch my video, definitely should try! So watch my new video coming soon :)


Monday, April 19, 2010

My car security's radio control was crushed by car!  リモコンがぁぁ・・・

OMG how can I open my car door now? My car will be flashing lights and siren blaring unless I deactivate the security. It would be so embarrased...The worse thing is that I can't find the spare radio control which I bought several years ago for this kind of worst. It just became all but meaningless...


太った! I gained 4kg!

I started to feel tight-fit my underwear recently. So I checked my weight on the scale, then I found I gained 4 kg(9 pound). Come to think of it, I've been practicing make fried rice for the next video on my channel and I ate them all even though the food turned out fail. I see that's the reason why.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

I will start blog! ブログやってみる!


This is just test. I'm new here so I haven't got used to this yet.
I'm not really good at blogging thing but I just try.