Friday, May 14, 2010

How to use left-over vegetables in the fridge 冷蔵庫の残り物で野菜炒め

Rootberry ordered healthy vegetable plate at RUNNY's. This dish is something that you can actually see at ramen shop in Japan. They usually have this kind of menu besides ramen noodle as well. Making it this way, you'll be able to taste as nice as you get at ramen shop. So if you have any left over vegetables in your fridge, you might want to try this.

Rootberryがラニーズへ来て野菜料理を注文してくれた。日本のラーメン屋で実際に目にすることができる 料理。 ラーメン屋ではラーメン以外のメニューによくある。同じように作ればラーメン屋で味わえるような味になるよ。もし冷蔵庫に野菜の残りがあったらこれはいいかもしれない。


  1. Hey, this is iluvminirexes from youtube! My account there is having trouble, so I thought I would ask you a question on your blog instead. Maybe you could make a video about it?
    Anyway, here is my question:
    You have lived in the US for a while, right? I'm thinking of moving to Tokyo in a year or two. I love Japan and Japanese culture! But sometimes there are things that make me go, "Huh?". They just seem so strange to me (which I like; I think that's one of the reasons I love Japan!). Did you encounter anything like that in the US? What kinds of things were strange to you about our culture/food/etc.?

    Keep making videos, you are great!! Thank you!

  2. Not so many times. I'm not saying I love everything in US. I can just accept the difference between us easily. But sometimes I get annoyed by Gaikokujin in Japan. Some gaikokujin's overbearing attitude. There are still some gaikokujin like that. Just like tha, I could be like those kind of people when I'm in foriegn country,too.