Thursday, May 27, 2010

People care more about ''el(r)ection'' than cooking lol

So JustMiyabi came to RUNNY's and ordered traditional Chinese food ''Zha jiang mian''. We call it ''Jaa Jaa men''. It's very popular dish even in Japan. Especialy cold one on summer time.

About video, it's very interesting to find that people tend to care more about how I pronounce ''election'' than actual cooking. Japanese people like me are having trouble with pronouncing ''R'' sound as you know. In the video, many people who left comment said ''erection?''. I actually didn't know what erection means...Now I know what it means! lol I see...Now I know why people tell me that. It IS funny!


ビデオですが、面白いことにコメントしてくれた多くの人たちが料理そのものより自分が発音した''election''というのに飛びついてきました。日本人は英語のRの発音に苦労しますよね。コメントの中でも多くの人が ''erection?'' (LがRになると意味が全然違う)と言ってました。''erection''の意味が実際に知らなかったんだけど、知ったら知ったでなるほどなと・・・これは確かに面白い!


  1. LOL, Taro san, by the looks of it, you dont get many spam emails, if you dont know the word erection ;)

    The video was great. I liked the tasting part too, you havent done that in a while. :) You look very professional in this one too, almost like cooking with the dog.

  2. hahaha I love it when you practice pronouncing your "r's". You're too funny. : )

  3. I have to admit, the whole "erection/election" situation was very entertaining. But I did love this recipe! It looks so delicious. Too bad I don't have most of the ingredients at the moment. I'll definitely give it a try once I get my hands on them!