Thursday, May 20, 2010

Careless remark again また軽率な発言

MickeRamone came to RUNNY's and ordered some hamburg steak. I love his intro. He makes videos which he sings his original song and some cover song. Please check out this guy!

About video, I have got a problem again. It seems like there's something I should have not mentioned in the video. ''It's so gay'' I used the phrase because the part I was doing catch ball with Jack was くだらないKudaranai (Pointless). I just found that the phrase could be very offensive to some people. I really didn't think it was such a offensive. That was careless of me. I hope I didn't hurt anyone...

MickeRamone がラニーズでハンバーグステーキを注文してくれた。あのイントロ最高。彼はオリジナルの歌やカバーソングのビデオを作ってるから是非チェック!

ビデオについてだけど、またやっちゃったって感じ。言ってはいけないことを言ってしまったようです。''It's so gay'' この言葉を使ったのは動画内でジャックとキャッチボールをしているシーンがくだらなかったから。それが特定の人々を中傷する言葉になりうるというのを知りました。まさかそんなこととは。軽率でした。誰も傷付けてなきゃいいけど・・・。


  1. Hi, I enjoy your videos very much!
    Don't worry about the statement, I think most people know you didn't know about that since English is not your first language. If I learn Japanese I will make some embarrassing remarks too, I'm sure.
    About the remark, it is offensive to some because of the ways gays are perceived sometimes. In America it is kind of touchy. Some people don't care at all. Personally I think it's just an empty phrase, there's so many other worse things.
    Anyway, thank you for all your youtube videos, I enjoy seeing the process when you cook. I hope you are doing well.

  2. Hi Runny!
    It's no big deal that you said, "It's so gay" in your video. EVERYONE (especially younger people) say that without even realizing what they're saying. It's basically common enough to be considered a set phrase because everyone hears it or has said it. It's just like saying "It's so stupid/dumb," or "It's so retarded." The words just come out of our mouths naturally. Some people (mainly gays) would take offense because you are using gay in place of "bad" or "negative" therefore you're implying that they are "bad" and "negative." Of course it would be innapropriate to say "It's so gay"/"That's so gay" right next to a gay person (especially when you don't know them) because they could take offense. It would be like saying "that's so retarded" when a mentally handicapped person is sitting right next to you. That would be awkward lol. But don't feel bad because I personally know gay people who say it themselves. You should give yourself some credit since English isn't your first language! We all learn from our mistakes : ). By the way, I love all your videos!! My favorites are when you were watching the F.B.I. movie, when you sang and when you were trying to say "really". : ) Thanks for helping me out with learning japanese too! Keep making awesome videos!

    - One of your subscribers : )

  3. I understand why some people get offended with a phrase like that, but it's not your fault. Sometimes we are too careless with what we say and don't realize that children or people who are learning English might hear something and think it's okay to say it because everyone else does. I'm learning Japanese and sometimes I hear words that "everyone" says, but I later realize their not appropriate. But we all make mistakes. Things like this just happens. Great recipe!

  4. ^ I posted that comment, by the way. Before I got myself a blogspot account.