Saturday, May 1, 2010

Because I smelled curry rice when I was on my way home... 帰り道にカレーの香りがしたから

Curry rice is one of very popular dish in Japan. Originally curry is from India (I think). So it's a little different style here in Japan. Curry rice in Japan is kinda Japanized curry rice. I love both but I'd rather order Indian curry if I have to choose. When I was in Tokyo, I had a great place to eat Indian curry in Okachimachi city. All cheff were from India. I used to go there at least twice a week. So if you ever have a chance to go to Okachimachi city in Tokyo(Ueno), I highly recommend you to visit there and try some spinach curry plate.


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  1. Me loves curry too. Am going to cook some tomorrow. It is going to be a spicy hot one.