Friday, July 25, 2014

Casual blog てきとうブログ

TV見てたら昔の映画がやってた。特にロッキー2とベストキッドは中学生の頃に見てめちゃくちゃ燃えたのを思い出した。「Yo Adrian! I did it!」 とか 「Mr Miya~gi」 とかの台詞が懐かしいなぁ。

I was watching old movies on TV show called throwback Thursday. I used to love ROCKY2 and KARATE KID when I was junior high. '' Yo Adrian, I did it!'' or Mr.Miyaaaagiiii'' just bring back memory.



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Introducing Greatest SAMURAI (Modern version)


Some foreigner still believe there are Samurai in Japan. So I think this is a good example how real modern samurai lives in Japan.  

        ↓ CLICK  ↓

Modern Samurai Japanese Man 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Japanglish Preacher  説教

今日はホテルのシャトルバスの運ちゃんが警備員と喧嘩したらい。機嫌が悪かったようで運転が荒くえらい目にあった。なのでホテルについてから一発ぶん殴っておいた 笑 それは嘘だけど、20秒くらい俺様のJapanglishで説教してやったわ。いやいや、マジ客なめんなよ。

Today, the shuttle bus driver from my hotel seemed he had argument with some security at the gate. So I saw him completely in bad mood. He also started to drive recklessly. That was not nice. I don't care your problem. So I just lectured him in my Japanglish for 20 seconds when we got back to the hotel lol But seriously, I might want to break his nose next time.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Food Network アメリカのTV番組 

アメリカのFood Networkという食べ物をテーマにした専門のTVチャンネル。いつみても何時間見ても飽きない。とにかくホストや出演者のキャラも最高で、演出がさすがアメリカといった感じ。US版の料理の鉄人Cutthroat KitchenChoppedなど番組も様々だけど、中でも超アメリカンテイストなDiners, Drive-Ins and DivesRestaurant Impossibleなんかはホストのキャラが強くて楽しすぎる。

Food Network

I just watch Food Network when I'm back in hotel room. I just love watching this show. I wish I could still watch this back in Japan...

ps:SORTEDfood reminds me of Food Network. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Gender equality 女性差別



In Japan, there is a movement toward gender equality. But I see that it's in a totally different situation from US where has better perspective of gender equality (IMO). I wouldn't give too much credit because everybody has their own reasons. But still it's the issue that we have to make better by following other country. I hope I'm not bullshitting...

The photo is the view from Coronado island(San Diego)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not my fault とれないんだけど


I don't know how to pull out the cork properly. I don't have much opportunities to uncork because I don't drink alcohol. I use it only for cooking. So it's not my fault.