Saturday, April 4, 2015

Music and Life

This is Aiemu 1st album & mini album. Apparently they have been around in another band. So I guess Aiemu should be something special unit for a limited time. But anyway, I'm into their music now. Their music just made me realize there were so many underrated people in the world.


Aiko & D.A.I. I love the song ''Kabutomushi'' from Aiko. That's the only song I know from her lol But I know every time I listen the song, I just keep repeating the song over and over again. As for D.A.I, I love her voice when she sings. My favorite song from D.A.I is always ''Hi no ataru sakamichi''. But I have to admit that I was just fascinated with her besides her voice lol

AikoとDo as infinityです。Aikoのカブトムシは今でもよく聴いてます。聞き出すとリピートで聴いちゃうくらい好きです。彼女の詩はこの曲しか知らないんだけど 笑 Do as infinityは伴都美子の歌声がめちゃくちゃ好きでハマった。 「日のあたる坂道」 が一番好き。ぶっちゃけ伴都美子が綺麗だから好きになったみたいな...笑

Goo Goo Dolls & American Hi-Fi. I still listen their songs. A song called ''Name''(1995) from Goo Goo Dolls have been my all time favorite song. I first heard this song from car radio when I was exchange student in US, I was instantly stricken. Fadeless song.


Hard Rock & Heavy Meta was first Western music l started listening. These are some bands I was listening when I was 13 ~ early 20's. 90's music is still my favorite music scene regardless of genre.


So what kind of music you loved before or you love now? What does music effect your life? I think music is the breath of life for our life. You must have lots of memories no matter what you like or dislike.



  1. I LOVE D.A.I 私DAIが大好き!!
    Please write more, Taro-san!

  2. Hello Taro-san! I first got to know Aiemutv and the song Hidamari No Uta from your Youtube recommendation and I was so thrilled with their music. It is such a beautiful song, even by the Le Couple. I've even downloaded the song to play it on the piano! Just wanted to thank you, that's all :-)) Ann/Kuching/Malaysia

  3. Hi, I'm from America and I love your recipes!! Can you tell me which miso you use for your chicken misoyaki? I watched your video but don't know which ones you're using. Please contact me at Thank you!!