Friday, April 23, 2010

Chicken char sui (Chinese style BBQ chicken) 鶏チャーシュー

I made chicken char sui video. It's so easy and tasty. Anyone who read or will watch my video, definitely should try! So watch my new video coming soon :)



  1. hello,runnyrunny~i just accidentally bumped into your youtube videos & i've forgot how (due to watching so many of your videos) i subscribed to your channel ...well, you made my day...which is accidentally my birthsday...the 22nd year in my life was so sad...yet watching your videos,which is that fun & interesting, makes me to start to think of the sunny side of life and determine to enjoy it again...i wonder that you are a man that is quite sensitive to the beauty of life (the sensitivity which i doubt can make you a babyface and a young heart), so you can either capture it natually or create it by yourself and above all, you are willing to record them share them with the world!
    Thanks for making those lovely videos and keep on,man!

  2. Haha, thanks for having me as your first customer! :D I'm looking forward to more of your cooking videos. Keep up the good work!

  3. Taroさん、runnyrunny999さん、こんばんは♪どちらの名前を使えばいいのでしょ?いつも楽しくビデオ見させて頂いております!日本の食文化でたくさんの人々を繋ぐYoutubeチャンネルとブログに心から感動です☆