Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Emotional attachment ?

I was gonna just buy pre-maid frozen pie crust but may be some people will complain about it...lol So I made it from scratch. Now all I have to do is shoot the video of  how to make it. Hopefully this week. And I still have more requests to help. Sometimes I really feel I need bigger kitchen so I can cook easier and faster. But on the other hand, for some reason, I don't know why I enjoy cooking in this small kitchen now. May be it's just some kind of emotional attachment to this small kitchen? Because I've been cooking in this small kitchen for 4 years? Who knows...



  1. That apple(?) pie looks lovely! I hope that's your next cooking video. ^_^

    I think maybe over the years, because you've been cooking so much and making videos to share with the world, you've developed fond memories and positive associations when in your little kitchen? That's why it makes you happy, because you know there's much support for all your efforts and that keeps you going back for more. Kind of the way you always return to making/ordering pizza because you know it'll make you happy (like a drug!).
    At least that's what psychologists would say :P

    Love your work Taro! Keep it up! ^_^

  2. @Anonymous
    It's someones's request so I'll have to make a video of it. You'll see it soon!

  3. well i just found your youtube channel a couple of days ago but i already subscribed, and it would be good to see a video for the apple pie or some nikuman i always wondered about how to make nikuman, which nikuman????? why not one you think tastes pretty good.

  4. @Santiago
    If you want some good video of nikuman, check out cookingwithdog! They have already made the nikuman video before :)

  5. i saw the cooking with dog video that u mention but the way u cook is more real, anyway, thank you very much, ill be sure to follow ur youtube channel.

  6. I hope you do post a video on pastry crust. It's a very important part of a lot of good recipes. Can't wait to see it.

    Your friend,

    Takoyaki (Jay)

  7. 日本に住んだ時に麦ご飯を食べると覚えています。麦ご飯の作り方を教えてください!

  8. Hi runnyrunny 999,

    I found your youtube channel recently and I love it! I don't think you need to worry about people's criticism about your cooking skills cuz I think you're great and you make it look so easy. Trust me cuz I am a cooking addict! I also think your English is pretty good too!

    I am wondering if you have considered putting a brief recipe to accompany the video. I know the video shows every step but it's easier to have a recipe to follow while I'm cooking since it will be too hard to rewind the video while cooking.

    Thank You and looking forward to more videos!


  9. Runny,

    I am an Armenian girl from Canada. I think you are so cute and SO HANDSOME! Keep making videos please!

  10. Making your own pie crust from scratch sounds challenging. Even Jamie Oliver uses store bought ones. And like you, I have a tiny kitchen which I personally thought was too cramped. But looking at it another way, humans are habitual creatures and we do get use to the small space and find it a bonus instead.

  11. Thank you for sharing! But, can you tell me what is the size of apple pie?