Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mac strap マックストラップ

I got 5 different kinds of Mac straps from Macdonalds. I can get these straps from ordering LL size combo. The problem was it's ramdom...So I had to ask the workers if I could get different straps because I don't want the same one...And yeah! They gave me different kinds everytime I ordered LL size combo :)



  1. luckyyy D; i thougt it was real till i saw the "strap" word. the apple pie looks so yummy ;s

  2. What does "strap" means?
    Some kind of fridge magnet?

  3. The staff is so nice!
    The last one is Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese?
    French fries is cute! I can get only Hello Kitty in HK. I like cat but not Kitty......

  4. so, what does "strap" means? it's like hand strap? phone strap? or what?