Monday, January 10, 2011

Brings back memory 思い出ぽろぽろ

This video from yuichituba brings back memory. About 18 years ago, when I was college student in TX, USA, I had chance to visit my friend in LA on summer vacation. I stayed in LA for about 2 months. But I need a little money to play around LA life so I decided to work somehow to make some money. I was hired by some Japanese restaurant at Little Tokyo in down town LA(Well I was not supposed to work...I only had student visa lol). I made about 2,000 dollars in 2 months as waiter. Sometimes some real rich American just gave me huge extra tip like 200$! I was wondering why she gave me that much extra tip. My boss told me she was opera singer...:p Opera singers ROCK! xD

Thanks to yuichituba for sharing this video!



  1. 同じアメリカでもこんなところがあるんですね。知らなかった。

  2. 2,000 dollars for 2 months as a part-time waiter? O_O

  3. Where did you go to college? I'm from Texas :)