Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to the spirit in which I started 初心に帰る

 I beleve most of you who reads this came from my youtube channel. Because of your support, my channel is getting bigger and bigger every day! Over 35,000 subs?! I have come this far because of you. These change always reminds me not to forget the enthusiasm I had at the begining. It's important on everything.

 このブログ読者のほとんどが僕のyoutubeチャンネルから来た人達でしょう。おかげさまでチャンネルがどんどん大きくなってます。チャンネル登録者が35,000超え!?今の自分があるのはみな様のおかげです。こういった変化が 初心に帰る という事をいつも思い出させてくれる。全てにおいて重要なことですね。


  1. right! enthusiasm=motivation

  2. :D your so awesome how ould people not support you??


  3. you're absolutely right.
    i am studying japanese at university right now, and it's keeping my enthusiasm that's the hardest task of all. when i have it, everyhing else just flows.

    i found your channel today and it's both useful and cute. i think the main reason for that is your sincerity- too many of the people on youtube try to act cool which is simply boring and annyoing to watch.

    this week i'll look through your recipes and try some :) until now, i haven't tried many japanese dishes- the main reason being that where i live many products are simply unavailable. my favourite is gyoza!! (though it's kinda chinese..)

    anyways, thanks a lot for putting up those videos! i'm watching them inbetween studying :)

  4. Actually I myself try to act cool but it just won't work... ><; LOL

    Anyways thanks for your support :) I'll be super busy from April so please come visit my channel once in a while :)

  5. i just one of ur fan too.... hahahaha..... it make me happy when ever i see ur really mak me pop~~ LOL