Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A coin jar 貯金箱

I found this coin jar which I used to use when I was high school student.

I should bring this to new place. I will try to save some money in here everytime I get change.

Let's see how much money I can make.


  1. US resident here:

    Compared to US$ how much Japanese currency is coin based? And how much coinage does the average Japanese resident carry around? I'd think it would get rather heavy carrying too much.

    I know the ¥100 is quite common, but is the ¥500 yen as well?

    Here in the US even our $1 coins have never taken off in terms of popularity.

    Also, since credit/debit cards have become so popular the past decade or so I have to admit that my coin jars don't fill up nearly as quickly as they once did.

  2. Hey Taro, you've finally updated! I'm so glad you are fine. My condolences to those affected in the earthquake, it is really saddening to hear about it. I was so worried as there are no updates from your youtube channel nor your blog. All the best to you always!

    Love from Malaysia!

  3. ラニーさん、いつも動画拝見させてもらってます。

  4. Hi Runny, I used to have a piggy bank, too. At the beginning the amount I can get is really small even it has been quite a long period of time~ Then one day I set a target for it, to save money to buy gifts for someone, then the result changeed dramatically. I got nearly HK$1000 in a month time!! It's because I stopped paying any coin but just keep them in my pocket once I received the change from shops, and I've tried to maximize the chance to pay by cash since there's a target I want to achieve. I didn't realise I have changed my habits until I ask myself why there's such a big difference! Haha~ Are you going to set a target for yourself, then?