Thursday, March 1, 2012


I know I'm doing wrong most of time. But I just like cooking. .I never mean to be representation from Japanese recipe. Having a good time in the kitchen is enough for me to make cooking videos on YouTube. That's what I think. 

This is my today's vent.  

btw The photo is green tea cake... yumyum






  1. wow who said what!? 私も好きな物しか作らないよ... 最近リクエストにもこたえてないな...(~~; てか家でもリクエストにこたえて作ってないw

  2. Ignore anyone saying nasty things to you Runny-san! Keep doing what you love!! (I love your videos too, and so do many other people!)

    (That cake looks really yummy too! ^^)

  3. Taro, I love watching your cooking videos because you do it for fun. Your videos give me the confidence to try new things in the kitchen. Some professional looking videos sometimes scare me and I feel discouraged because they make it look so hard. (Also other videos can be very boring, your videos are helpful and fun to watch too.)

    And the green tea cake looks very tasty.

  4. Runny san!!I love watching your videos, I like cooking too but i know i'm not the best chef xDD
    You should keep on doing what you want to and love to. Sorry for my English!
    Anata no chaneru mainichi wo mitteimasu to nihon ryori ga jouzu ni narimashita.
    Supein kara itsumo tanoshimi shiteimasu~~

  5. Runny runny your videos make me and my friends really happy! We like making your recipes and once my boyfriend asked me to make your curry pan too! It's lovely! I hope you are not too hurt by what other people say. There are more people who love your videos and I think the people who say bad things are just immature. Ganbatte kudasai~~ :)

  6. hi runnyrunny
    did u deactivate ur twitter acc?

  7. Runny-san, don't worry about the critics. All of us who cook have met people who criticize what we do, telling us what we do is not "the right way." I can tell you that I try your recipes and they make my friends and I (and some of my critics) very happy...and hungry for more!

    1. If it tastes like it looks it must be delicious!

  8. Don't listen to the haters runny! You have inspired me to learn to cook (although I'm already 20 I don't know how to make anything). Thank you!

  9. We love you and your cooking Runny-san. Don't listen to haters and just continue what you do. You make me and a lot of your subscribers and fans happy. Keep up the good work!

  10. hi, i'm currently studying for my last year of medical school in London.. and watching your videos just helps me to de-stress soooo much (because I like cooking too). CHEER UP!

  11. 料理は結果美味しければいいんです





  12. Runnyrunny-san don't stop your videos please ! >_<
    I'm a great fan of your videos ! We don't care if it's not professional because we're not chefs. I think people who like your videos like me just don't care about it, we just like the way you present and prepare dishes that make them sooooo easy for us to cook ! It's always funny to watch your videos and in the same time to learn how to cook delicious dishes ! I love cooking your recipes it's always so good to see and eat! =)
    Thank you sooo much and please please please do not stop ! Cheer up from France ! \^o^/

  13. runny runny, keep it up, i love watching your cooking video, it's fun. And, i can see that you are really enjoy to share the cooking recipes. Btw, you remind me the Singaporean Chef, Yan, his famous TV cooking progamme "Yan can cook" was so popular. "Yan can cook, so do you", ha ha, i did try really hard. Runny san, you did a great job, see you on youtube around. Im from Hong Kong.

  14. i am so happy i was able to find your channel! Your videos are fun to watch and ,at the same time, very helpful! Please continue :)

  15. I love your videos! Just made a JFK bowl inspired bento after watching your karagge video with dipping sauce! So delishious. Keep the videos coming! You are doing great, and thank you for sharing everything with us!

  16. I'm so happy that I was able to find you (^U^) I love your videos <3 could you please help me I should do Japanese pastry, cake or just wagashi to my school project and I don't know what should i do (T.T) but I understand if you don't want to help I am sure you are busy but if you help it would be a great :3
    thank you m(_ _)m