Monday, April 18, 2011

5 minutes cooking 5分料理

: 78 yen(about 80 cents) salmon (Doesn't need to be the same price lol)
: Shimeji mushrooms

- Sauce A -
: Some grated ginger
: Some top onion or green onion
: 2 tsp lemon juice
: 1 tsp sugar
: 2 tbsp soy sauce or ponzu

Just stir fry salmon and shimeji mushrooms. Mix all those  A- ingredients. And pour onto salom. That's it :) Delicious!




  1. 78 Yen Salmon?!That's SO SO SO cheap! There's no way in Australia you would ever be able to get a reasonable piece of salmon for that amount of money.
    I miss Japan and how much more reasonable food prices are compared to here in Sydney Australia). You're lucky to be Japanese Taro!

  2. ya, same in Melbourne, too~ never can buy salmon with less than AUD$10, except the canned one....:( 78 yen......

  3. Hi runny :P
    do you have twitter?
    the link on your video didnt work :(