Friday, April 29, 2011

Brand effect ブランドがもたらす変則的効力 (But that's just me)

 I've seen many young people(even junior high students) have Louis Vuitton bag or purse in Japan. This has already become one of our culture which we see young generation walking in the street with super brand goods as if they are celebrity.  I don't complain at all. Everyone has their sense of value. Do what they like to do. But why Louis Vuitton? I like young girls with Coach much better than Louis Vuitton. And on the other hand, oddly enough, I get strange feeling when I see ladies (over 40 years old something) walking in the street with Coach brand. I don't know why I want them to have Louis Vitton or may be  birkin from Hermes  othen than Coach lol  So.. to me, Louis Vuitton is for older people and Coach or some other brand like Balenciaga, Chloe..(Thsese two brands look all same to me anyway...) is for young people. Especially, I really think Coach still look pretty nice to young people even though they are under 18... Why I wrote this blog? Because I saw one young girl who looks 12 years old walking in the street with holding Louis Vuitton bag today... It was totally OUT OF TUNE _ _ ;

 日本では中学生の男でさえ今ではヴィトンの財布などを所有してる。 若い世代がスーパーブランド品で着飾ってまるでセレブのように街を歩く姿は、すでにひとつの日本の文化になってるかもしれない。 別にいいけど。だれにでも価値観はある。 好きなことしたらいい。でもなんでヴィトン?コーチの方がいくない?それとは逆に, おばさん連中がコーチ持ってたりすると、なんだか妙に違う気がしてしまう。中高年層こそヴィトンじゃないの?若い世代はコーチやらバレンシアガやらクロエやら・・・(後者2つのブランドは見分けつかん)。特に個人的にはコーチは普通に可愛いいなと思う。未成年でも可愛いんじゃないかな。なんでこんなブログ書いたかって?実は今日小学生くらいの子がビトンのバッグぶら下げて歩いてるのを見かけた。さすがにこれには驚いた。調和もくそもあったもんじゃなかった _ _ ;


  1. i dont understand it either. young people don't quite understand who they want to be is NOT who they are. they all want to be cool. they all want to be older. but they don't know it doesn't match them.

    today, we see a lot of people use things to represent who we are before we show them who we really are. it is a wasted effort, isnt it?

  2. im at awed..not because that the girl was carrying a lv bag.but because you know all about the must be fun to bring you on handbags shopping...hehehe

  3. The only question I'd ask in the first place is how come they can afford those expensive bags??!! personally don't know much about those brands and am not keen on them~ maybe I'm OUT!

  4. A young girl who looks 12 years old with holding Louis Vuitton bag?? It's horrible!!
    Runny, which brand would you recommend to me (people age 30+)? XD

  5. I'm living in Germany and I see so many girls with those Vuitton bags as well. It's like a virus spreading over the world, lol!
    I don't even consider this bags as pretty.
    In Japan i saw so much more prettier bags than vuitton!

    tokoro de, odaiji ni runny san!
    in your last youtube video you were very sick :(!

  6. My comment is about tha ages and not the brand: people behave as old as they want to look. A young 14-16 yo old wanna be a grown-up, to be taken seriously, so he/she tries to copy grown ups. And a grown up wanna be young again, so he/she try to imitate the young ones :)

    Personally I dislike Vuitton very much, that motif looks like my grandma's 60 years old suitcase :///

  7. 日本の若者っておっしゃってますけど、決して日本全体の話じゃないですよ?主に首都圏の話じゃないですか?俺は京都の田舎に住んでますが、中学生や高校生でヴィトンとかブランド品持ってる子なんて、そうそういませんよ。

  8. HAha here in Australia there seemed to be a COUNTRY ROAD bag craze. My cousin brought me one for a birthday but I'm just not keen on big brands since I like feeling unique - and when I took the bag out to university once, I never took it out again...because about half the lecture room already have the same bag, just some in different color!! Sadly...last time I brought out that bag again was for grocery shopping HAHAHAA

  9. I personally do not like the Vuitton brand. It really seems quite ugly to me and it reminds me of my grandmother's huge ugly purses. I owned a Coach handbag once upon a time but I ended up giving it away. I don't really use purses often enough.

  10. I see them a lot in US...especially at my high school, you will see almost every single girl holding a big brand name bag/purse. But my friends and I don't really carry purses because what's the point of carrying purses in school if you have a backpack! My backpack is already heavy, and I don't want to carry another bag -.- I also like Coach better than LV www The color of LV purses are brown -.- Now they have white with flowers..

  11. Hi runny!! I'm such a fan of yours and I know you always try to improve your english so here's a little correction for you:

    When you wrote "I've seen many young people(even junior high students) have Louis Vuitton bag or purse in Japan."

    Make 'bag' and 'purse' plural. "I've seen many young people WITH Louis Vuitton bagS or purseS in Japan." There are many people, so there are many bags or purses. :) Hope this helps!