Monday, August 15, 2011

A dream I just had どうでもいい話

  I just had dream about 30 minutes ago. I'm typing this at almost 2 am now. I try not to use air conditioner when I sleep. But no way, I can't stand this sweltering night any more.

  So anyway,  dream I just had was like this. I was doing the dishes in my kitchen. I realized my dish detergent was out . So I was having hard time to keep doing the dishes.  But I still had lots more to go... And also I had to do it under running hot water because there was no tap water. And at this point, I woke up....Maybe hot water in a dream woke me up to the reality of sweltering night. As soon as I woke up, I went to kitchen to see if dish detergent was actually out. It was plenty! I was so happy LOL I know it's strange to be happy like that , but I don't know why  I was so glad that I still had enough dish detergent in my kitchen LOL I think it's because it was really hard to do the dishes without it even in a dream...  Just like this, sometimes I do feel relieved by waking to reality. And vice versa.




  1. LOL that is a cute dream xD Sometimes I dream like I was falling down the stairs or down a dark hole, and then I woke up afterwards. I once also dreamed of me being in a cave with a talking tiger! Aren't dreams funny and wierd? haha

    The US (New Jersey)'s weather is getting cooler ^^;

  2. i hope you slept well last night. anyways, like michelle, i sometimes dream like missing a step on the stairs or down a hole, yeah... i heard that happens when we're tired.

    take care :D

  3. maybe unconsciously, you are worried about something in your life? Maybe the results of the Youtube NextUp challenge? Bet you will get in!

  4. im just ur new fan.. but.. LOL ur dream was funny..and last week i have a dream.. i dream that im married!! LOL... hope that can be true... im from MALAYSIA~~~

  5. haha, you are so humorous :)
    I saw your videos on vegetarian food that led me to this blog. I think you did great, keep up the good job! :)

  6. you're obsessed with dish washing?! hahahahaha~

  7. Taro-San

    I'd like to send you some snacks from Dubai. Let me know if you're interested :D

  8. hahaha, what a funny reaction to your dream, taro-san! :D