Sunday, September 4, 2011

Strange dream part2 どうでもいい話 其の二

 I had another strange dream when I was sleeping in the train. It wasn't bad but it makes me sad a little. But I can't find a reason why I think it makes me sad. That's why I think dream is strange.

 That dream was like this. I don't know why it seemed like I bought a new house and it was kinda big. And Many people came visit to my house and having drink and foods. Who were them...? I'm not really sure...I don't remember clealy at that point. But there were some youtube fellow and my old friends. There was a bar at first floor in my house LOL People who looks musician are drinking there. And I found one letter when I went up stairs. It said that ''Taro! Don't do it too much! or I'll kill you!'' .... In this dream, the letter was taken as a joke. Because I  knew why I got this letter & who wrote it. But I don't know why I kew why lol  Everything makes sense in dream, but no make sense in real.  So this letter actually made me happy. Because I guess I really like the person who wrote it.  And then I met my old friend who I've been wondering how he's been. He was twin!(In real, he's not) So I didn't know which one I had to talk to.  And....Guess what... He just called me when I woke up and got off the train! LOL That call made me wonder whether I was still in dream or not. It's been several years since I hang out with him last time. So we talked on the phone that we're gonna drink together after work in the near future for the first time in a long time. I know this guy since elementary school. So... this is pretty much about my another strange dream...I don't know if you understand clealy what I'm actually saying.  But thanks for letting me kill your time lol 

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 夢はこんな感じ。何故だかわからないけど、けっこう大きい家購入したみたい。たくさんの人が遊びに来てて、飲み食いしてた。誰かって?そこはあまりはっきりとは覚えてないかな。でもYouTubeの仲間や幼馴染の友人がいた。1階はバーになってた(笑)。ミュージシャンみたいな人達が飲んでた。2階へ あがった時に1通の手紙を見つけた。そこには 「太郎!ほどほどにしとけ!殺すぞ!」 って書いてあった。夢の中ではその内容は冗談として捉えられてた。何故こんな手紙をもらったのか、誰が書いたのか、わかってたから。でも何故わかってたのかはわからない。夢の中では、その全てが理にかなってたりするけど、現実ではちんぷんかんぷんだ。手紙は嬉しいものだった。その人のことが大好きなんだろう。その後、最近どうしてんだろうと気になってた幼馴染の友人にも夢で会えた。お前双子だったのかよ!(現実では違うけど)。どっちに話しかけたらいいのかわからなかった。なんと目が覚めて電車から降りた時にその彼本人からの着信!(可笑) まだ夢の中なのか現実なのかわからなくなったくらい。しばらく彼とは会ってなかった。近いうち久しぶりにお互い会社帰りにでも飲もうということで話は落ち着いた。彼とは小学校以来の幼馴染。とまぁ見た夢はこんな感じ。何言ってるかよくわからなかったかもしれないね。皆の貴重な時間を潰させてもらえてこっちは楽しかった(笑)

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  1. i totally understand that everything makes sense in the dream but not in the reality. haha keep in touch with your freind! anyways, you just killed my time LoL

  2. Sometimes nostalgia can make you feel sad even if it's a happy memory.

  3. Jack the Yak (your twin) wrote the note, I know it. Your friend has a twin just in the same say you have a twin, you know it. You are sad because you don't know which one is going to show up for the drink after work (maybe it won't be the one you like and you don't want to waste your time with that one)! Good Luck and Best Wishes!

  4. What makes me sad is that I think it's something which I want it in reality but it's actually in the dream... It's not like particular reason. It's like the whole dream makes me kinda sad.

    なんか自分で何言ってるかわかんね _ _;

  5. I think there is something really wonderful about the timing of that phone call. Something other-worldly!

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  7. Dreams sweet dreams and when they came true ,or they give you deja vu .I have met friends in my dreams that later in life I really get to meet . Probably can mean you will have a new journey in you life were you will separate from you old friends and meet new ones ..

  8. I know what you mean, I had some of those dreams myself. And even tough I´m more of a science person, I do believe that there is a connection between people, no matter if you met them an hour or 10 years ago. Maybe you shouldn´t be sad about things you don´t have in real life, but be happy about the fact that a good friend may have thought of you, because you really thought of him. It´s good that we don´t have everything we dream of, ´cause what would there be to strife for?! I´m glad that you can meet your old friend again and I`m wishing you a lot of fun.

  9. didnt u say in one video, that u would like to open runny studio and restaurant? maybe that was why u dream about big house with bar on first flore and musiacians?...
    nice that you reunited with your old frend, and yes- it is a little bit strange that he called u ;-)