Thursday, December 5, 2013

Grocery store


Regular grocery store in America, I realized veggy and meat are a little more expensive than Japan. I thought it's cheeper... I might be wrong but I really felt it was a little more expensi. Especially chicken....


  1. I wonder if you went to an up-scale grocery in America. In Japan, I was shocked at how expensive rice was! LOL!

    1. Some people told me about Whole foods store? They sell organic something, right? I don't think I've been there before.

  2. Ah yeah.. vegetables are pretty expensive here :x for whatever reason its much easier to buy a bunch of meat vs. buying a lot of fresh vegetables! I always found it kind of weird...

    Yeah Whole Foods have organic food and stuff, and they take a lot of care to not to allergens in some of their food sometimes (especially their bakery!) they do have a wide selection of things you would never find in a regular grocery store though c: especially the cheese section which is my favorite xD

  3. Safeway/Vons is more expensive than Lucky, on average. Vegetables and fruit are sometimes cheaper at Asian supermarkets compared to "American" ones. I also like going to the farmer's market right before closing, because many vendors will sell leftover stuff for cheaper than supermarket prices. (A few weeks ago I got 2 lbs. of fuyu persimmons for $1.50!) Oh, and Trader Joe's is great because when you compare the quality of their stuff, it's still cheaper than most supermarkets. Plus they always give you samples, like at Whole Foods. (I love free food so much that if I'm out and I happen to walk by a Whole Foods, I'll go inside just to eat some samples, and walk back out without buying anything. I'm shameless! Haha! Ha... Jesus, I really need to reevaluate my life.)