Monday, December 23, 2013

Japan comparing to US. 日本は便利すぎる

アメリカに来て改めて感じたこと。日本は便利すぎる。交通機関、スパー、コンビニなど... しかも今では(2013年12月現在)物価も日本のほうが間違いなく安い。特に食材。デフレが酷すぎるのか甘えすぎなのか 笑

Things I realized when I came to US. Living in Japan is too convenient comparing to living in US. Transportation, grocery store, convenience store....etc And even prices of commodities are  cheaper in Japan now (2013 Dec)  Especially grocery. Is it just deflation rate has been increasing or we've been just 



  1. Yeah, in much of the U.S. it's necessary to have a car. The L.A. area is so spread out that if you want to go to a different city, or even a different neighborhood, you might have to drive. (My mom lives in Southern California, and her drive to work is an hour long—without traffic!)

    Have you been in the San Francisco Bay Area yet? Public transit is more convenient here because of the railway system.

    By the way, if you have time while you're in LA, you should visit he Griffith Observatory! You can see a beautiful view of the city from up there.

    1. I've been to Sanfransisco but it's a long time ago. Just driving around the city and took a pic with golden gate bridge in the back. haha typical.

      LA would be going to have subway in a few years. It will be more convenient. I'm sure many people will be happy with it.