Wednesday, February 5, 2014


サンタモニカを経つ日の早朝にアメリカンな朝食を食べてから日本へ帰国しようと思い、以前から気になっていたCafe 50'sというレストランへ入った。朝から賑わうほどの人気っぷり。カウンター席へ座り注文を済ませ、何気なく店内を見渡すとレジの前に「現金のみ」 というサイン。その時は現金は所持しておらずクレジットカードで支払うつもりだった。注文した食事はすでに用意されていたのでウェイトレスのおばちゃんにこう事情を説明した。

runny : 「カードは使えないの?これから日本へ帰るのでドル現金は何も持ってないんです。ごめんなさい、食事には手を付けてないので注文キャンセルできますか?」


おばちゃん : 「日本へ帰るなら、長い時間飛行機に乗るんでしょ?お金はいいから食べていきなさい」

runny : 「え?マジですか?ありがとうございます!」


おっちゃん : 「お前、日本人なのか?息子が日本語少し話せるんだ。ほら、あそこにいるのが私の息子だ。紹介するよ」


runny : 「借もあることだし日本に来たら飯でも奢るよ」


おばちゃん : 「A ,RI, GA, TO 」



The day I left US, I went to the diners called Cafe 50's in Santa Monica for breakfast. I always wanted to try the restaurant since I found it. It was already full of people even in the morning. So I took a seat at the bar. I ordered something typical American breakfast plate (scrunbled egg, sausage, hashed potato and bread).  I was taking a casual look around the inside the restaurant. And I saw a sign that said ''Cash only''. I was going to pay with my credit card because I didn't have any cash at the moment. The breakfast plate was already ready so I had to talk to the waitress lady.

runny : '' Do you not take credit card? I don't have cash because I'm going to fly to Japan after this. I'm sorry, can I still cansel the order? I haven't touched my food yet ''

I was kinda trouble maker for the restaurant. But the lady was really nice.

Lady : OK you are going to have to fly long time to Japan, right? Don't worry about the money, enjoy your food ''

runny : '' Oh thank you ! ''

So I just took the hospitality like old-town-atmosphere. Then this guy who seems owner came to me and said

Owner :  ''Are you Japanese? My son speaks a little Japanese. See, he's my son.''

While I was enjoying the food, I found it was kinda interesting development. After I finished the food,  I talked to his son and he told me with his broken Japanese that he would be an exchange student at University in Tokyo soon this year. I just told him my number and my YouTube account.

runny : '' I owe you food here, so let me get the next one when you come to Japan''

After we chatted, I wrote my appreciation voice on the napkin and gave it to the lady. And guess what? She said

Lady : '' A, RI, GA, TO '' (Thank you)

I kinda got warm feelings at that morning. Simple situation like this is what I believe it always become memorable.

And now I'm back in Japan.



  1. bottom line of the story: "runnyrunny has came back to Japan", or more like there are always kind people around the world.

    I also started to learn Japanese (and learnt Chinese before) so that I could hope to go Japan, China or South Korea as an exchange student. Tokyo IT, Beijing or Hong Kong or Korean KAIST seems like amazing places to study.

  2. I love this story! Thank you! :)

  3. I love this! It made me feel warm. I'm Indonesian and my husband is English. We both enjoy your channel so much.

  4. It's the kind gestures in life that make me keep going. I am glad you got some kind hospitality in my home state before you departed for Japan.