Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The best Chocolate I've ever had so far 甘党上等かかってこい

いつものWerther's Originalの飴と思い購入したらチョコだった。やっちゃったと思いながらも一つ食べてみたら超美味い!なのでおすすめ。Godivaなんてどうでもいいくらい美味しい。あまりにも美味しかったのでブログった。見つけたら買ってみてね。これドイツ語?

I bought this candy like any other day. I thought it was just Werther's Original which I think it's caramel candy(hard type). But it was actually chocolate. But this one is so good! Get one everyone! ***k Godiva! It was too good for me to not to blog. btw are they written in German?


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  1. Chocolate Werthers are so jummy! And yes, the text is written in German. Btw, love your youtube video's ^_^