Friday, May 23, 2014

Work, YouTube, and World Cup / 仕事とYouTubeとW杯と


と言っても・・・6月後半から数ヶ月はサンディエゴのカールスバッドという町へ。最近では山火事でニュースに取り上げられてたリゾートっぽい都市。そこに滞在している間に時間があればLAのサンタモニカでお世話になった人や友人を訪問したい。LAまでは距離的に車で2~3時間で行けるだろう。そいやLA、車と言えば・・・。LAのフリーウェイではスピード狂と化すドライバーが多いので、安全運転をしたいならLAでは運転しないほうがいい。短気な人は絶対にLAでは運転しないこと 笑



 I've reached a stage where I can take some rest. Now I can finally concentrate on making cooking videos on YouTube again!

But again... I'll be gone to Carlsbad, San Diego on business trip from the end of June. Carlsbad is where they've had forest fires recently. While staying there, I want to visit my friends and people who took a good care of me in Santa Monica.  I think it only takes a few hours drive from Carlsbad to L.A.  oh...L.A and cars....come to think of it....You'd better not drive in LA if you are safety-driver because there are many drivers who easily turn into speed freak especially on freeway. If you think you have short temper, forget driving in LA.

About my activities of YouTube while I'm away from Japan, I don't think I can make cooking videos. So I'm thinking of doing something else to share with my viewers. I'll keep you all informed.

One more thing I'm worrying is that I can't watch World Cup game from semi final to the final on TV. Soccer is not that popular in US as it is here in Japan or as in EU. I don't think it'll be live broadcast on TV in US.



  1. Don't worry, the world cup semi-finals and finals will be on in the US. I have a lot of friends in California and they're all huge soccer fans. So if they can watch it, so can you. :-D

    1. That would be very nice! btw I know US team is in tough group, but I hope we both make through league competition first!