Monday, August 25, 2014

Professional touch 美味い  

パンナコッタのレシピもクリームブリュレのレシピも動画にしてアップしたことあるけど、やっぱプロのスイーツを食べちゃうと動画削除したくなるくらいに美味い 笑

I have uploaded Panna Cotta video recipe, and also Crème brulée video recipe. But I even feel that I have to delete those videos after I had real one from pro lol   Sweets from executive chef are amazing. No doubt about it.

Panna Cotta パンナコッタ 

 Crème brulée クリームブリュレ

Cafe at La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla. I didnt belong to the

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  1. Nah you shouldn't delete them lol. Besides, your videos are unique and they're probably easier to make too :)!