Monday, August 11, 2014

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電車の席で隣に座ってきた中年のおばさんの話。細身のワンピースを着たちょいセクシーな金髪のおばさん。若い時はちやほやされてた感たっぷり。香水の香りもなかなか。でも何か別の香りもした。アルコールのにおいだ。このおばさん、ワインのようなものを飲みながら完全に酔っ払ってやがる。「あなたどこ行くの?」「どこに住んでるの?」「何してる人?」色々と質問される度にアルコールの匂いがプンプン。けっこうきれいな人だったから不思議とショックだったりした 笑 そのおばさんがイメージする日本人像はこうだ。『ルールに従う国民』だって。酔っぱらいながらも、一応日本人の僕を立ててくれた 笑  


Actually my laptop was broken. I couldnt update blog. But fortunately my friends friend know how to solve it. He used to work at repair company as engineer. So its been fixed however I still have trouble with the new key boad typing. It maybe US version now. But thanks to my friends friend!    

For that reason, I have some itty-bitty episodes from my absence.

Episode. 1. 
I bought 80 dollars bike at WALMART. I also bought 12 dollars wire-lock for the bike. So the total cost was about 92 dollars. I went to beach. I was swimming while my bike key was in my pocket. It`s gone in the sea water. I just left my bike and back to hotel. I called locksmith to cut the wire-lock. It cost 95 dollars.     .... !!!!!!????           Life goes on....

This is a story of middle aged lady who was sitting next to me in the train. She was wearing slim fit one piece dress. She looked kinda pretty lady. As for my vision, I think she is the one who used to get a lot of attentions when she was young lol She smells like perfume and there was also something smell other than her perfume. It was alcohol. She had something wine on her one hand. And I saw her completely drunk. She started asking me "Where are you going?" "Where are you staying?" "What do you do?"... Every time she asked me something, I smelled big alcohol from her. Since I thought she was kinda pretty lady, I was a little disappointed (with the fact she was totally drunk in the train) lol  But anyways, she told me that she had some images of Japanese people. She said "Japanese people follow the rules". Well she still treated us with some respect even though she was drunk IN THE TRAIN lol 

btw I often see limousine like the photo in here. Why do people in the limousine shout to passersby? Every time I see it, they find me on the sidewalk and start to shout something at me from the window as if they are crazy people. I have come across this situation 3 times so far. I should celebrate them for something, right? But I dont know how, so I always wave to them and just say Yaaay... Do I look stupid?lol


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  1. I am glad you got your laptop fixed! That sucks about your bike, locksmiths are a ripoff! The lady on the train may have been drunk..she missed a good opportunity! As for limousines I don't know.. I think people who rent them are proud or something and feel the need to call attention to themselves? They're probably drunk too lol