Friday, July 25, 2014

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TV見てたら昔の映画がやってた。特にロッキー2とベストキッドは中学生の頃に見てめちゃくちゃ燃えたのを思い出した。「Yo Adrian! I did it!」 とか 「Mr Miya~gi」 とかの台詞が懐かしいなぁ。

I was watching old movies on TV show called throwback Thursday. I used to love ROCKY2 and KARATE KID when I was junior high. '' Yo Adrian, I did it!'' or Mr.Miyaaaagiiii'' just bring back memory.




  1. I never watched either movie, but I did watch the new Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. It was not that good LOL
    Anyways, I come from your youtube. You have great videos! I just subscribed tonight. :-)

    1. I'll be back on cooking vids on Oct! Thanks for your patience :)

  2. I don't really like Rocky, but I used to watch Karate Kid on tv all the time, mostly because it was on every Saturday or Sunday afternoon (on different channels every time) and at some point I had even memorized the dialogue :P these are legendary movies!

  3. What happen to your cooking channel @ youtube...

  4. I've never seen Rocky, but I probably should.

    On an unrelated note, are you going to Comic con?

  5. Classic films! LOL! Did you try to catch a fly with chopsticks yet?

  6. I'm not a big fan of sports much, and I've not seen Rocky but I loved Karate Kid, and I even liked the newer version with Jayden Smith and Jackie Chan. :) and Rosa even if it is a sign of someone being able to accomplish anything I still don't see why anyone would want to catch a fly with chopsticks eww.... By the way Taro I really enjoyed your cooking channel on YouTube and am looking forward to more videos in Oct :)