Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Japanglish Preacher  説教

今日はホテルのシャトルバスの運ちゃんが警備員と喧嘩したらい。機嫌が悪かったようで運転が荒くえらい目にあった。なのでホテルについてから一発ぶん殴っておいた 笑 それは嘘だけど、20秒くらい俺様のJapanglishで説教してやったわ。いやいや、マジ客なめんなよ。

Today, the shuttle bus driver from my hotel seemed he had argument with some security at the gate. So I saw him completely in bad mood. He also started to drive recklessly. That was not nice. I don't care your problem. So I just lectured him in my Japanglish for 20 seconds when we got back to the hotel lol But seriously, I might want to break his nose next time.



  1. Lol you don't seem like the type to anger. You will do well enough to complain about it. He shouldn't be driving crazy.