Monday, July 21, 2014

Gender equality 女性差別



In Japan, there is a movement toward gender equality. But I see that it's in a totally different situation from US where has better perspective of gender equality (IMO). I wouldn't give too much credit because everybody has their own reasons. But still it's the issue that we have to make better by following other country. I hope I'm not bullshitting...

The photo is the view from Coronado island(San Diego)


  1. No you aren't bullshitting but US has a lot of work to do too. But I had this discussion with a friend named Yoshi (:D) from japan a long time ago, he said men work and earn money women become housewives. It wasn't so long ago that the US was like this too with gender roles. As it became more expensive to live women started getting jobs too. There are other things that US needs to work on too. I have heard in some workplaces women don't make as much money as men. Also there are some issues in healthcare that are somewhat unfair to women.

    1. It's simple, in Japan, if you want full time job, you can. But we don't care that you are married , have kids or something. Don't you ever think that you can get off work by 5:30 pm everyday. Otherwise, get yourself part time job.

      Thank you.

      - Japan (but very typical)

      Employment issues are still not easy for us to make smooth... Haha >▽<

  2. Ah yeah. Personally I don't like lateness and when I have had coworkers in the past who always used their kids as an excuse to get off of work early or skip entirely. They always get what they want. I always inwardly frowned on that but I was considered insensitive. There are so many different work ethics in America. Whatever!