Tuesday, July 8, 2014

XS Japanese ちっちゃい日本人

先日は滞在してるホテルの近くにあるアウトレットモールに行ってきた。日本にもよくあるタイプのごく普通の規模。でも品揃えは日本より全然豊富だった。値段も日本より安い。日本のアウトレット見かけるで商品は安いと感じたことがないのも事実ある 笑 日本にまだ来てない?GUESSがあったのでいろいろ買ってしまった。サイズはすべてXSがちょうどいいサイズだった。施設内を色々と2時間ほど物色して200ドルくらい使ってた。使った額はXSじゃないよね。反省した。

The other day, I went to outlet mall very closed to the hotel I'm staying. Just like typical outlet of those in Japan. But they definitely have a large selection comparing to Japan. Also cheaper. I never felt that it's a good deal when I shopped at outlet in Japan anyway lol I found GUESS which hasn't opened in Japan yet? maybe has already opened?, so I spent money there and all clothes I purchased were size XS which is the best size (from this brand) . I was on a shopping  for about 2 hours walking around the mall and spent over 200 dollars that is not amount of XS. I hope I'm sorry.



  1. I am glad that you found clothes that fit GUESS is a good quality brand. I haven't seen any GUESS stores in my area or else maybe I don't pay attention. I have a hard time finding jeans anywhere they are ALL too long even ones that say short. I'm too short.

    1. I only wear clothes like American casual but more like Ame-Kaji (Japanese version of American casual). The clothes directly from America are usually too big for me. So the size XS was good thing lol Level Asian.

  2. If you see a store called Bed Bath & Beyond where youre at in the US you should really go. I think you would like it!!! It's just like a fun store just to go look at things.