Saturday, July 19, 2014

Japanglish あはははは  


Costco, we Japanese call it '' Kosutoko''. But in US, they call it '' Kosko'', right? Someone had a big trouble with my ''Kosutoko'' when I was asking about it. After this guy really tried to get what I meant, I realized that I was using Japanese-English. I should have realized it earlier...haha Sorry America!



  1. That's funny! I watched a British fashion vlogger on youtube try to pronounce uniqlo as "UNI-GLOW" (not like the Japanese "yuni-kuro"?) because he was sure there couldn't be a Q only a G in the word.

    1. Apparently the name ''UNIQLO'' stands for Unique Clothing Warehouse. I'm not sure other country but it's really cheap and very good quality if you are not picky with the design.