Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sweets addiction 甘いの欲しい


Since when? I just get intense cravings for sweets like chocolate or cake at night . I know I have always been sweets lover but even more recently. If I was in Japan now, I would definitely gone to convenience store. But don't worry, I just had spoonful of Nutella. I still want more but I'd better not.


  1. runnyrunny, if you like sweet, try making mug cup nutella bread.

    whisk 1 egg
    add nutella 5 tbsp
    flour 5 tbsp
    milk 2 tbsp
    approx 1tbsp of oil

    run it in microwave for 2.5~3 minutes.

    It literally takes like 5 minutes to prep and really nice.

    But then, nutella is indeed very delicious.