Monday, January 27, 2014

I've been shot 病んでんのか 笑


そんな今日はホームステイ先で料理を担当する。キッズ達の元気な笑顔を見るとなんだかホッとする。あれ?病んでんのか、俺 笑

I had strange dream this morning again. I've been having nightmare recently. In this dream, I met my friends and also non-existent friends(never knew in real) while I was biking in my hometown. After I left them, I was heading to my home and bike-gang (people dress like gang riding bike) passed me. They just blocked my way and suddenly this guy started shooting me with a machine gun. As soon as I was shot in my chest, I realized the gun was fake because it was BB bullet. BUT this is where the non-make-any-sense part begins. Because I felt that it was even against my will. I don't know why but I was disappointed and I kinda pissed off that it wasn't a real gun. So I grabbed him and now what?...boxing time begins....This guy couldn't get any punch on me. But I never throw any punch, either. This is when I realized that I was having a strange dream again. Then I woke up and washed my face in the bathroom and talked to thin air '' what the hell ''... Yeah dream is always strange, isn't it?

So today I will be a chef at my host family. I feel relieved when I see their kids' smile. hur? Am I really ok LOL


  1. Hi Runny! A week ago I stumbled upon your YouTube-channel from Cooking with Dog's channel and since then been watching your videos eagerly. Keep on filming your awesome videos please :) I also like how you mix both English and Japanese, so I can practice my Japanese :D

    Dreams can sometimes be weird: wonderful and weird, horrible and weird or just plainly weird. I wonder if there's something wrong with me, as lately I haven't been seeing any dreams :/

    1. Thanks for coming to my channel :) I will try as long as I can!

    2. In dreams, death = change. So maybe your dream means that you are fighting against change. Because you are fighting, you are not changing.

      Do you want to change in real life? If so, what things do you want to change about yourself or your life?

    3. Very deep ... But I know what you are saying :)

    4. Runny mybe you will be change to be kamen rider cook. hellp hungry people