Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All bets are off 番狂わせ


Italy and England both didn't make it to the final tournament. Also reigning champion Spain. And thanks to team Japan for the spirit.



  1. It's a shame Japan didn't make it to the next round :( I was cheering for you, even though we were in the same group. I think this World Cup has had many surprise results! I still can't believe that Greece made it, when so many other european (and so much better) teams didn't.

    1. Congrats Greece! That PK in the very end must excited all people in Greece! Good luck on the final round!

  2. Yes, it did! We still can't believe it haha! Thank you so much :)
    You know, we are very superstitious. There is a player (Katsouranis) who played during all the first game, and we lost. He played for half the game with Japan and got expelled, and it was a draw. He didn't play at all at the last game and we won. So now, there is a page on Facebook "Don't let Katsouranis play against Costa Rica" and it has more than 80,000 likes. I feel sorry for him, though it's true that he didn't play well.