Saturday, June 14, 2014

FIFAunday FIFAる朝

日本時間 6/15(日)
June 15th Japan time

 7:00am England vs Italy
                 イングランド vs イタリア
This definitely looks like a big match already!

10:00am  Côte d'Ivoire vs Japan

                       コートジボワール  vs 日本
And our first match!


Whre are you from? Are you going to watch the game? How big is World Cup soccer event in your country?



  1. I'll definitely watch Greece - Colombia and also England - Italy, but I don't think I'll watch Côte d'Ivoire - Japan, because it airs ar 04:00 am Greece time, lol! My father claims he'll stay awake and watch all matches, but I don't think he'll manage.
    It's a rather big event in Greece, because we watch soccer very much, so almost every cafeteria/food store and even some bars have big screens so people can watch the games.

    1. I'm sure people in Greece are excited about WC. Come to think of it, if I remember right, Greece won the championship UEFA EURO before. But not too long ago....So whe never know!

    2. yup, it was Euro 2004! But I think it was something like a miracle hehe I don't think our team is as good now, or as lucky :P But, I guess we never know!

    3. oh that long ago? wow...Time flies...haha

  2. I live in America, the world cup is covered extremely well, but national pride isn't as good I think most people root for Mexico or England. Actually it's been in the news a lot that the American team self admittedly sucks, they have been talking down on themselves..reverse psychology?.., lol. But of those two games I will root for England then Japan. Ivory Coast will be good but I think Japan will win so good luck!

    1. America is in group D. Germany, Portugal, and Ghana... It's really tough group. But you really never know what's gonna happen in WC!