Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No I'm not きっと気のせいだ

最近頻繁に和菓子が欲しくなる。以前は洋菓子をより好んでたはずなのに。昨日も今日も和菓子が欲しくなった。美味いぞ美味いぞ 笑 悲しいかな、やっぱり年齢が関係してるのかと。

Japanese sweets '' Wagashi '' look so attractive to me recently. I used to be not like this. I thought I would prefer Western sweets '' Yogashi ''.  But I was craving for Wagashi yesterday and also tonight. So good! Sadly enough I can't deny that it's something to do with my age. 



  1. Oyaji sweets! LOL! But you are not yet an oyaji, Runny-Runny.