Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nationalism   どうも、にわかです

                           2014 World Cup Brasil June 13 th ~ July 14th


Every Nationalism around the world go round when World Cup Soccer event. As for me, I honestly don't even watch J-league game. But I come into being nationalism if national Japan team play for Japan. This is what it's called new and fickle soccer fan.



  1. haha i'm also like that and i know a lot of people who are like that, too. i don't watch soccer much (well, greek soccer is not very good quality), maybe some Champions' League during the finals. But the World Cup is like the Olympics, i like to watch and i get pumped rooting for my country :) i think it's pretty normal!

    1. Greek! We both are in the same qualify section! June 20th, let's play , not fight :P

    2. hehe let the best team win!! \(^^)/