Monday, June 23, 2014

Playing on words  語呂合わせ

                     2 9 1,  8 9 3
                                に  く  い、 ヤ  ク  ザ
                                                   ni ku i,   ya ku za

Nikui ・・・ Hateful
Yakuza ・・・ Mob, Mafia, Gangster


I am just a normal guy. I'm non-celebrity. Of course I am not Yakuza. Btw 291,893rd subscriber must be Jack. Few people know who he is now... 


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  1. I miss seeing Jak the Yak in videos. I had an idea for a video where a few "wiseguys" would decide to have Japanese food but have no idea how to cook it. They would think to call Jak and have him "convince" you to cook something for them. But it was just an idea.