Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer 冷やし中華はじめてた

              Hiyashi Chuka 冷やし中華

                             ↑   ↑

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In Japan, Hiyashi Chuka is popular dish for summer. My recipe has Karaage with it. So it's more like for men's. Please try if the ingredients are available for you.    


  1. I will make this! It seems light, which is good for me. I have access to the ingredients, I just need to stop being lazy with it. I had made your karaage last year and it is one of my favorites, and I'm a girl with a large appetite. I put it in cabbage. I'm going to cook more things from YouTube from now on. And try not to get fat haha

    1. It's refreshing cold dish for summer. Literally translated into English as’’Cold China'' but it's Japanese food using Chinese noodle LOL.