Thursday, June 12, 2014

Game ゲーム

ファミコン世代のrunnyでも次世代ゲーム機のゲームを楽しめてる。俺にだってまだまだできる。すんごい下手くそだけど 笑

I'm from the first Nintendo generation. But I can still enjoy playing next-generation games. Yes I can still keep up with it however I suck at it lol


  1. I really suck at FPS. I had old NES as a kid too, I played Mario and Zelda too much... Now I have trouble finding the It's a nice thing to kick back to. I was paying attention to the entertainment expo E3 to help decide on new console.....

    1. I used to play FF3 ~9 and DQ1~5 a lot! Also Mario Bros before Super Mario LOL